Open Letter to Ofsted

Schoolchild wearing the hijab
Image by Al Jazeera English

Over a thousand teachers, academics, faith and community leaders and activists have signed a letter to Ofsted demanding withdrawal of the decision to question schoolchildren wearing the hijab

We, the undersigned, ask that Ofsted immediately retract its instruction to inspectors to question primary school children wearing the hijab. We find the decision to single out Muslim children for questioning unacceptable, and insist that no school children be targeted for action on the basis of their race, religion or background.

In taking this decision, Ofsted undermines the priorities it set for itself in 2017. First, Ofsted claims that ‘all of [its] work is evidence-led’. Ofsted has provided no evidence that some children wearing the hijab creates an environment where ‘school children are expected to wear the hijab’, or that this ‘could be interpreted as the sexualisation of young girls’, as Amanda Spielman states. While a wider conversation about the sexualisation of girls in Britain’s culture and economy is welcome, the singling out of Muslim children for investigation is unacceptable.

Second, Ofsted claims its ‘frameworks are fair’. Yet the decision to single out Muslim children wearing the hijab raises serious concerns that Ofsted is itself discriminating on the basis of race, religion and gender.

Third, Ofsted states that it ‘target[s] [its] time and resources where they can lead directly to improvement’. Yet, Ofsted provides no evidence for the suggestion that by questioning Muslim children, such issues can be effectively addressed. Indeed, the evidence suggests that stigmatising and targeting young people for heightened scrutiny enhances feelings of isolation. Further, it is deeply concerning that those who will be most affected by this decision have not been consulted, and that Ofsted has allowed itself to be led by partisan interests.

The message the Ofsted decision sends to Muslim women is that the way they choose to dress and the decisions they make in raising their children are subject to a level of scrutiny different to that applied to non-Muslim parents. Further, the Ofsted decision reduces the hijab to a symbol of sexualisation and ignores other interpretations ranging from a display of faith to a symbol of empowerment and resistance. Constructing women and children who wear the hijab as being either sexualised or repressed is both reductive and racist in its reproduction of colonial and Orientalist tropes about them.

Ofsted’s decision risks reinforcing an anti-Muslim political culture, in which Islamophobia/anti-Muslim racism has been institutionalised in schools and across the public sector as a result of Prevent. Moreover, the decision is dangerous in a climate in which street violence, abuse and attacks on Muslims are increasing and to which visibly Muslim women and children are particularly vulnerable. It is a kneejerk, discriminatory and institutionally racist response that will violate civil liberties and create a climate of fear and mistrust in schools and must be retracted immediately.


– Nadine El-Enany, Senior Lecturer in Law, Birkbeck Law School, University of London

– Waqas Tufail, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Leeds Becket University

– Shereen Fernandez, PhD candidate, School of Geography, Queen Mary University

– Priyamvada Gopal, Reader in Anglophone and Related Literature, University of Cambridge

– Gurminder Bhambra, Professor of Postcolonial and Decolonial Studies, School of Global Studies, University of Sussex

– John Holmwood, Professor of Sociology, School of Sociology and Social Policy, University of Nottingham

– Dr Monish Bhatia, Birkbeck University of London

– Sara Ahmed, Independent scholar

– Sir Tim Brighouse, Formerly Commissioner for London Schools

– Professor Vini Lander, University of Roehampton

– Alex Kenny, NUT National Executive member

– Prof Deborah Youdell, School of Education, University of Birmingham

– Professor Adam Geary, Birkbeck Law School, University of London

– Professor of Contemporary European Islam, Jorgen Nielsen, University of Birmingham

– Liz Fekete, Director, Institute of Race Relations

– Professor Judith Suissa, UCL Institute of Education

– Professor Frank Coffield, UCL Institute of Education

– Professor Carol Vincent, UCL

– Afzal Khan, MP for Manchester, Gorton

– Professor Hugh Starkey, UCL Institute of Education

– Dr Arun Kundnani, New York University

– Professor Audrey Osler, University of Leeds

– Professor Shereen Hussein, King’s College London

– Professor Douglas Bourn, UCL-Institute of Education

– Professor Gill Crozier, University of Roehampton

– The Revd, Fleur Houston, The United Reformed Church

– Professor of Religious Studies, Debra Majeed, Beloit College

– Harun Rashid Khan, Muslim Council of Britain

– Salma Yaqoob, NHS Engagement Lead & Human Rights campaigner

– Dr Shazad Amin, MEND

– Dr Joshua Skoczylis, Lecturer in Crimonology, Lincoln University

– Dr Nisha Kapoor, Lecturer, Department of Sociology, University of York

– Professor S. Sayyid, University of Leeds

– Dr Irene Zempi, Nottingham Trent University

– Ümit Yıldız, Faculty of Education, Edge Hill University

– Emeritus Professor of Social Policy, Fiona Williams, University of Leeds

– Dr Sita Balani, King’s College London

– Professor Colin Clark, University of the West of Scotland

– Darren Chetty, UCL Institute of Education

– Rui Correia Goncalves, Birkbeck, University of London

– Dr. Rashné Limki, University of Essex

– Dr Rizwaan Sabir, Liverpool John Moores University

– Dr Emma Briant, University of Essex

– Professor Bill Bowring, Birkbeck College

– Amanda Morris, Cardiff University

– Dr Eddie Bruce-Jones, Senior Lecturer in Law, Birkbeck College

– Ali Raiss-Tousi, PhD Candidate, Birkbeck College

– Dr Chris Allen, University of Birmingham

– Emeritus Professor Robert Moore, University of Liverpool

– Naima Maryam, Teacher

– Rima Saini, City, University of London

– Professor Jonathan Parker, Bournemouth

– Professor Fredrick Ogenga, Rongo University Center for Media, Democracy, Peace and Security

– Dr Shamim Miah, University of Huddersfield

– Moazzam Begg, CAGE

– Dr Katy Sian, University of York

– Zainab Naqvi, Coventry University

– Dr Derek Kirton, University of Kent

– Dr Malcolm James, University of Sussex

– Dr Sarah Turnbull Birkbeck, University of London

– Dr Malcolm James, University of Sussex

– Sameena Choudry, Equitable Education

– Smina Akhtar, University of Glasgow

– Dr Tanzil Chowdhury, University of Birmingham

-Fatima Rajina, Teaching Fellow at SOAS, University of London and Research Assistant at Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge

– Dr. J.M. Moore, Newman University, Birmingham

– Dr Stephanie Davis, University of East London

– Dr Terese Jonsson, University of Portsmouth

– Dr Stephen Crossley, Northumbria University

– Emeritus Professor Maggie Humm, University of East London

– Dr Cath Lambert, University of Warwick

– Dr Berenice Scandone, University of Bath

– Dr Elena Loizidou, Birkbeck College

– S Pathan, Governor

– Dr Niamh Moore, University of Edinburgh

– Dr Sarah Keenan, Birkbeck Law School

– Dr Walter Houston, University of Manchester

– Professor Fiona Mackay, School of Social and Political Science, University of Edinburgh

– Professor of Law, Nuno Ferreira, University of Sussex

– Dr Sarah Burton, Durham University

– Dr Thomas MacManus, Queen Mary University of London School of Law

– Imran Jamal SOAS, University of London

– Professor Farzana Shain, Keele University

– Kate West, University of Oxford

– Professor Farzana Shain, Keele University

– Dr Chris Greenough, Edge Hill University

– Ismail Patel, University of Leeds

-Rishita Nandagiri, PhD Candidate, Department of Social Policy, London School of Economics

– Dr Michaela Benson, Goldsmiths

-Robin Richardson, Insted consultancy

-Bridget Penhale, UEA

– Dr Kathryn Telling, University of Manchester

– Berenice Miles, Independent consultant, Education and Equality

– Sabera Bhayat, University of Warwick

– Qudsia Mirza, Birkbeck, University of London

– Provost and Professor Hatem Bazian, Zaytuna College and UC Berkeley

– Zlakha Ahmed, Apna Haq

– Dr Amina Easat-Daas, University of Leeds

– Nadeem Murtuja, JUST Yorkshire

– Dr. Jennifer Fleetwood Goldsmiths, University of London

– Professor Farid Esack, University of Johannesburg

– Dana Abdulkarim, Teacher, Secondary and Post 16

– Neil Walton, Goldsmiths, University of London

– Ann Singleton, Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol

– Parveen Akhtar, Teacher

– Tze Ming Mok, PhD Candidate, London School of Economics

– Professor John Diamond, Edge Hill University

– Dr Salman Al-Azami, Liverpool Hope University

– Asiyah Shaikh, Teacher

– Umayya Hanif, Coventry university

– Prof. Ivan Kalmar, University of Toronto

– Dr Rosemary Hill, Centre for Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, University of Leeds

– Hanif Bobat, Ethnic Health Forum

– Carine Hejazi, Birkbeck College, University of London

– Rehaila Sharif, Imkaan

– Dr Ala Sirriyeh, Keele University

– Samayya Afzal, community activist and co-founder of Students Not Suspects

– Hiresh Shah, Teacher

– Mariam Chowdhury, University of Lancaster

– Dr Emma Patchett , Independent Academic Researcher

– Dr Sadek Hamid, Oxford University

– Dr Ann Kaloski-Naylor, University of York

– Bridget Byrne, Professor in Sociology, University of Manchester

– John Stephens, Teacher trainee, University of Birmingham

– Jahangir Hussain , QPLLC

– Dr Siema Iqbal, GP and activist

– Malia Bouattia , Former NUS President

– Dr Joanna Gilmore, University of York

– S Anwar, Teacher

– AbdoolKarim Vakil, King’s College London

– Dr Nina Power, University of Roehampton

– Rob Faure Walker UCL Institute of Education & Prevent digest

– Amir Sadat Queen Mary, University of London

– Diane Leedham, Independent

– Sai Englert, SOAS

– Dr Yassir Morsi, La Trobe University

– Dr Chloe Patton, RMIT University, Australia

– Dr Abida Malik , University of Nottingham

– Dr Sundari Anitha, University of Lincoln

– Nabeela Khan, Bradford college

– Dr Tom Vickers, Nottingham Trent University

– Adriana Sgambetterra, University of Toronto
– Dr Jasmin Zine, Wilfrid Laurier University

– Dr Sadia Habib, Independent Academic Researcher

– Usman Ansari (Freelance journalist)

– Natalie James, Phd Candidate, University of Leeds

– Mohammed Khan, Former Chair Association of Muslim Police

– Dr Randa Abdel-Fattah, Macquarie University

– Emma Taylor-Collins PhD student, University of Birmingham

– Neel Shah UCL

– Dr. Narzanin Massoumi, University of Exeter

– Yahya Birt, PhD candidate and tutor, Theology and Religious Studies, University of Leeds

– Dr. Amrita Shodhan, SOAS, University of London

– Dr Laura Lammasniemi, Anglia Ruskin University

– Dr Jayasree Kalathil, Survivor Research

– Dr Rana Jawad, University of Bath

– Kauser Jan , Assistant head teacher Leeds

-Dr Ben Whitham, De Montfort University

– Dr Irene Gedalof, London Metropolitan University

– Juned Uddin, Teacher

– Maya Goodfellow, PhD candidate and Graduate Teaching Assistant, SOAS

– Amar Dahmani, The Sheffield City College

– Mohammed Razzaq, The Sheffield College

– Ahmed Said Sheffield college

– Rachel Boyle Senior Lecturer in Primary Education, Edge Hill University

– Senior Lecturer Jamie Caine Sheffield Hallam University

– Dr. Debra Kidd, Education consultant and teacher

– Karen Chambers, Batley Girls’ High School

– S Jiva, Teacher

– Tahir Abass University of Leeds

– Dr. Michael Strain, Open University

– Dr. Brian Klug, St Benet’s Hall, University of Oxford

– Dr. Tarek Younis, University College London

-Kathryn Medien, University of Warwick

– Dr Sallem Merza, Royal Brompton NHS Foundation Trust

– Dr Lisa Long, Leeds Beckett University

– David Thomas, Phd candidate, Birkbeck Law School, University of London

– Dr Dave Cudworth, DeMontfort University

– Dr Farheen Khan, Secondary school, Head of Careers and Employability

– Professor Rowena Arshad Moray, House School of Education, University of Edinburgh

– Dr Remi Joseph-Salisbur, Leeds Beckett University

– Professor Philip Garner, University of Northampton

– Dr Annalisa Meloni, University of East London

– Latifa Akay Director of Education, Maslaha

– Jessica Bowyer, PhD Candidate, Graduate School of Education, University of Exeter

– M Isaaq, Mathematics Teacher

– Dr Ruth McGinity, UCL Institute of Education

– Dr Laura Connelly, University of Salford

– Dr Sanghita Sen, University of St Andrews, Scotland, UK

– Dr Mike Orr, Moray House School of Education University of Edinburgh

– Dr Stefanie Doebler, University of Liverpool

– Dr Naaz Rashid, University of Sussex

– Kamariyah Mbamba, Birkbeck, University of London

– Dr Charlotte Chadderton, University of East London

– Dr Yasmeen Narayan, Birkbeck, University of London

– Dr.Farid Hafez, Georgetown University

– Dr. Kasia Narkowicz, University of York

– Rehana Parveen, Lecturer Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham

– Dr Farah Akbar, University of Edinburgh

– Dr. Jeremy Pilcher, Birkbeck, University of London

– Professor Richard Hall, De Montfort University

– Dr Nadya Ali, Sussex University

– Dr Bethan Harries, University of Manchester

– Shamim Akhtar, Teacher of Science

– Dr John R Campbell, SOAS

– Dr Jenny Cole, Manchester Met

– Raheel Mohammed, Director of Maslaha

– Dr Charlotte Heath-Kelly, PAIS, University of Warwick

– Judith Carter, Lecturer and In-house Solicitor, University of Liverpool

– Professor Alison Phipps, University of Sussex

– Dr Ruth Lewis, University of Northumbria

– Sonia Swaby, Arts & Media Islington

– Revd Professor Michael, Reiss UCL Institute of Education

– Dr John O’Regan, UCL Institute of Education

– Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Fahid Qurashi, Canterbury Christ Church University

– Dr. Ralph Levinson, UCL-Institute of Education

– Dr. Humeira Iqtidar, Senior Lecturer in Politics, King’s College London

– Professor Ann-Marie Bathmaker, University of Birmingham

– Absana Khatun, EY Practitioner

– Jonathan James, UCL Institute of Education

– Hizer Mir, University of Leeds

– Dr Nicola Clarke Lecturer in the History of the Islamic World, Newcastle University

– Professor Gavin Smith, University of Toronto

– Dr Gillian Klein Trentham Books at UCL IOE Press, UCL Institute of Education

– Dr Mary Richardson, UCL Institute of Education

– Dr Geetanjali Gangoli, University of Bristol

– Jennifer Spicer PhD Candidate, University of Sussex

– Dr Viv Golding, University of Leicester

– Dr Lee Jones Queen Mary University of London

– Dr Eleanore Hargreaves, UCL Institute of Education

– Professor Máire Cross, Newcastle

– Dr D-M Withers, University of Bristol

-Professor Tracey Hill Bath Spa University

– Professor Keri Facer, University of Bristol

– Dr Therese O’Toole, University of Bristol

– Professor Natalie Fenton, Goldsmiths University of London

– Dr Rachel Lart, School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

– Prof Tariq Modood University of Bristol

– Geoff Walls Principal, Thomas Deacon Academy

– Alessandra Palange, PhD candidate, Institute of Education, UCL

– Mhemooda Malek, University of Bristol
– Dr. Brenna Bhandar, SOAS

– Paige Boxshall, University of Edinburgh

– Penny Welch University of Wolverhampton

– Emeritus Professor Dennis Leech, Warwick University

– Professor Priscilla Alderson, UCL Institute of Education

– Dr Mark Pulsford De Montfort University

– Jasbinder S. Nijjar, PhD student, Brunel University London

– Kathryn Allinson, PhD researcher, Queen Mary University of London, School of Law

– Taj Hussain, Mathematics Teacher

– Jenny Chanfreau, PhD Candidate, London School of Economics

– Dr Rachel Wilde UCL Institute of Education

– Dr Sarah Marusek, Public Interest Investigations

– Dr Steve Courtney, University of Manchester

– Dr Daniel Nehring, Catholic University of Daegu, South Korea

– Dr Stephen Rayner, University of Manchester

– Julie Taylor CEO, Thomas Deacon Education Trust

– Andrew Scott, Graduate-research student University College London, Institute of Education

– Dr Justine Mercer, University of Warwick

– Dr Francis Farrell, Edge Hill University

– Dr Laura Povoledo, UWE Bristol

– Dr Emma Carmel, University of Bath, and a Chair of school governors

– Ilyas Nagdee, National Union of Students Black Students’ Officer

– Dr Michael Rees, University of Wolverhampton

– Rachel O’Brien, Disabled Students’ Officer, National Union of Students

– Mano Candappa, UCL Institute of Education

– Myriam Kane, NUS National Executive Council

– Dr Catherine Lamond, University of Wolverhampton

– Jacky Lumby, Emeritus Professor, University of Southampton

– Sam Tewkesbury, Team Leader, School of Law, Birkbeck, University of London

– Bernard Keenan, Lecturer in Law, Birkbeck Law School, University of London

– Professor Tom Sperlinger, University of Bristol

– Dr Justin Cruickshank, University of Birmingham

– Dr Liz Morrish, Independent scholar

– Emeritus Professor Jane Aaron, University of South Wales

– Laraib Niaz, PhD Candidate, University College London

– Maria Bastos, Doctoral Researcher , University of Westminster

– Jess Bradley, Trans Officer, National Union of Students

– Dr Ian Fitzgerald, Northumbria University

– Dr Luke Yates, Lecturer, University of Manchester

– Dr Richard Lane, University of Sussex

– Dr Ross Abbinnett, University of Birmingham

– Dr MG Khan, Ruskin College

– Dr Shirin Housee, University of Wolverhampton

– Asha Hoyte, UCL

– Emily Harris, Queen Mary University of London

– Lucy Burks, TDA Junior school

– Dr Joanne Smith Finley, Newcastle University

– Charlotte Wrigley, Queen Mary University London

– Serene Richards, PhD Candidate, School of Law, Birkbeck College, University of London

– Dr Simone Knox, University of Reading

– Shaheen Kasmani, Artist, curator & teacher

– Diane Slaouti, Senior Lecturer University of Manchester

– Dr Rachel Rosen, UCL

– Dr Kirrily Pells, UCL Institute of Education

– Tony Dowling Membership Sec, NEU Gateshead (NUT section)

– Ruth Evans, University of Birmingham

– Rowena Palacios, Research Student, UCL Institute of Education

– Kate Thompson, Lead Teacher, Bristol

– Dr Alya Khan, Senior Lecturer, London Metropolitan University

– Dr Helen Young, LSBU

– Rosalie Warnock, Queen Mary University of London

– Shehla Khan, Keele University

– Behar Sadriu, Teaching Fellow, SOAS, University of London

– Dr Simon Choat, Kingston University

– Dr Madeleine Chapman, University of Westminster

– Professor Michael Loughlin, England Centre for Practice Development

– Arushi Garg, University of Oxford

– Marcus De Matos, PhD candidate, Birkbeck Law School, University of London

– Dr Tajul Islam, University of Leeds

– Simon Martin Gladstone Primary Academy, Peterborough

– Jaspreet K Nijjar, Brunel University

– Katharine Howell, Lancaster University

– Zara Bain, Bristol University

– Niparun Nesss, Secondary Mathematics Teacher, Rochdale NEU

– Dr Reza Gholami, University of Birmingham

– Dr Heather Mendick, Independent academic

– Sandra Wolf, UCL Institute of Education

– John Francis, University of Birmingham

– Fatemah Kashif Teacher, London Borough of Ealing

– Christina Easton, LSE

– Dr Azim Ahmed, On Religion Magazine

– Professor Keith Reader, University of London Institute in Paris

– Dr Sivamohan Valluvan, University of Warwick

– Michael Dance Redbridge NEU

– Dr Helena Wray, Associate Professor in Migration Law, University of Exeter

373- Professor Christina Spaeti, University of Fribourg

– Dr Samiksha Sehrawat, Newcastle University

– Richard Poole, Newcastle University Law School

– Professor Claire Alexander, University of Manchester

– Shabnam Ahsan, Teacher

– Dr Ciaran Gillespie, University of Surrey

– Dr Jan Dobbernack, Newcastle University

– Beth Douglas, LGBT+ Officer Women’s Place, National Union of Students

– Dr Andy Atkins University of Leicester

– Simon O’Hara Warwickshire NEU (NUT section)

– Dr Hannah Partis-Jennings, King’s College London

– John Francis, University of Birmingham

– Dr Puline Anderson, Head of School Social Sciences University of Wolverhampton

– Dr Saba Hussain, University of Warwick

– John Worton, Sandwell NEU/NUT Section

– Walid Jumblatt Abdullah, SOAS

– Dr Clara Eroukhmanoff, London South Bank University

– Dr Ghazala Mir, University of Leeds

– John Lockwood, Warks NUT

– Gilly Henshaw, Warwickshire NEU, NUT section

– Professor Mario Novelli, University of Sussex

– Pat Green, University of Wolverhampton

– David Ring, Middlesex University

– Dr Paul Michael Garrett, Senior Lecturer, NUI Galway, Republic of Ireland

– Dr Barbara Crossouard Centre for International Education, University of Sussex

– Dr Fabio Petito, University of Sussex

– Darius Jackson, UCL

– Dr Ben Spatz, University of Huddersfield

– Dr Kerry Moore, Cardiff University

– Dr Naureen Durrani, Centre for International Education, University of Sussex

– Professor Yusuf Sayed, University of Sussex

– Sarah Gillborn, Leeds Beckett University

– Professor Charles Forsdick, University of Liverpool

– Dr Tejendra Pherali, UCL Institute of Education

– Charlotte Gee, The University Of Salford

– Dr Marie-Pierre Moreau, University of Roehampton

– Shazia Shah, Teacher, Ilkley Grammar School

– Sean Wallis, Vice President, UCL UCU

– Dr Adrian Budd, London South Bank University

– Dr Federica Rossi, London South Bank University

– Dr Alpa Parmar, Departmental Lecturer, University of Oxford

– Dr Rashid Aziz, London South Bank University

– Dr Ben Pitcher Sociology, University of Westminster

– Suhaiymah Manzoor-Khan, Poet and activist

– Dr Steffan Wyn-Jones, University of Sussex

-Sarah Al-Aride, Students Union UCL

– Dr Steven Jones, University of Manchester

– Dr Shirin Hirsch, University of Wolverhampton

– Malaka Mohammed, Exeter Uni

– Amandeep Talwar, University of Birmingham

– Luke Finley, former Community Cohesion Policy Officer

– Scarlet Harris University of Glasgow

– Dr Andy Higginbottom, Kingston University

– Xin-Ying Tai, London School of Economics

– Amrit Wilson, South Asia Solidarity Group

– Emma Saav, Manchester University

– Professor Emeritus David Parker, University of Leeds

– Dr Miqdad Asaria, University of York

– Jean Evanson, NEU (NUT) Shropshire

– Paul Murphy, Bearwood Primary School

– Dr Laila Kadiwal Laila Kadiwal, IOE UCL

– James Whittaker, University of Leeds

– Kristin Garrity Sekerci, Georgetown University

– Dr Ashok Kumar, Birkbeck University of London

– Dr Jacki Willson, University of Leeds

– Dr Victoria Redclift, University of Surrey

– Roger King National Education Union (NUT Section) National Executive Committee, Chair of Equalities Committee, Black Teachers’ National Organising Forum.

– Emma Mort, Warwickshire NEU (NUT section)

– Professor Catherine Wallace, Institute of Education/UCL

– Arthemis Snijders, KU Leuven, Belgium

– Dr Line Nyhagen, Loughborough University

– Stacey Jane , Secondary school

– Dr Paul Bagguley, University of Leeds

– Rev. Eric Potts, Methodist Church

– Marika Sherwood, SAS, Univ. of London

– Dr Bernard Regan, Visiting Research Fellow, St Mary’s University

– Dr Julia Downes, Open University

– Aisha Barbara Farina, Leicester International School

– Iram Ashfaq , Secondary school

– Professor Muhammad Feyyaz, University of Management and Technology, Lahore

– Fran Faulkner, Wexham School

– Dr John Hull, University of Manchester, former headteacher

– Dr Fauzia Ahmad, Goldsmiths, University of London

– Jamie Barry, Parson Street Primary School

– Muhammad Almarakeby, PhD student of Christian-Muslim Relations, University of Edinburgh

– Vijay Kalyan, Middlesex University

– Caroline Ann Meredith, Bishop Grosseteste University

– Professor Helen Colley, University of Manchester

– Lyn O’Reilly, Retired Headteacher

– Jamal Uddin, Doctoral Student, IOE, UCL

– Dr Sumi Madhok, Associate Professor, Transnational Gender Studies, London School of Economics

– Professor Raheela Khan, University of Nottingham

– Alyza Tabor, University of Birmingham

– Professor Debbie Epstein, University of Roehampton

– Adeel Mahmood, Myriad Foundation

– Dr Louise Jackson, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance

– Max Boothe, UWE/ NHS

– S Anwar, Teacher

– Eleanor Dyde, Teacher

– Jess Edwards, National Education Union (NUT section) National Executive member (pc)

– Ray Smith, Playford International College

– Robert Ferguson, NEU

– Noorulann Shahid, NUS NEC

– Dr Nora Honkala, City, University of London

– Dr Grietje Baars, City University of London

– Aishah Mattar, The University of Edinburgh

– Dr Khursheed Wadia, University of Warwick

– Charles Thomas, N.E.U (Shropshire)

– Professor Michelle Hartman McGill University, Institute of Islamic Studies, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

– Dr Victoria Showunmi, Maynooth University

– Jane Clarke, De Montfort University (retired)

– Shoheda Miah, Coventry University

– Shvetal Vyas Pare, Australian National University

– Cllr. Mohammad Shabbir, Bradford Council

– Ibrar Ali, BU, School of Social Science

-Hadia Malik, Social Scientist MIHE University Leicester

– Ibrahim Khoda, Newbury Park Masjid

– Margaret Farrell Belfield Community Primary School

– Daryn Egan-Simon, Faculty of Education, Edge Hill University

– Erica Evans, University of Brighton

– Lucy Manley, Student teacher

– Dr Deborah Gabriel, Black British Academics

– Amanda Jarrett, Teacher

– N Ford, Secondary School

– Professor Jessica Ringrose, UCL institute of education

– Alexander Costello, Teacher

– Jake Brown, Norwich Schools of Sanctuary

– Professor Vanits Sundaram, University of York

– Professor Gabrielle Ivinson, Manchester Metropolitan University

– Kate Wallave, Assistant Headteacher

– Laura Way, University of Leicester, PhD candidate

– Maz Idriss Law, Manchester Metropolitan University

– Dr Diane Bebbington, Independent scholar

– Phillip Minns, Best Foot Music (Intercultural Music and Arts NGO)

– Mushtaq Rehman, Hendon Mosque & Islamic Centre

– Dr Michele Paule , Oxford Brookes University

– Dr Nikki Fairchild, University of Chichester

– Dr Anna Llewellyn, Durham University

– Dr Karl Kitching, Lecturer in Education, University College Cork

– Amin Din, Aspley Masjid

– Hoida Badawy, Abu Bakr Girls School

– Amjad Ali, Try This Teaching

– Sally Fairbairn, Secondary school

– Dr Raymondee Sneddon, University of East London

– Dr Mazen Masri City, University of London
– Nick Bentley, Secondary school

– Sabra Butt, Kings Langley Secondary School

– Professor Joanne Begiato, Oxford Brookes University

– Dr Jo Woodiwiss, University of Huddersfield

– Wasif Mahmood, Solicitor

– Jaw Raja, Brunel University

– HM Mueenuddin, President Da’watul Islam UK & Eire

– Dr Khursheed Wadia, University of Warwick

– Venda Premkumar, Teacher

– Najma Hasan, President Da’watul Islam Walthamstow Women Branch

– Dr Kalpana Wilson Birkbeck, University of London

– Bryony Nicholson-Roberts, DEdPsy student, Institute of Education, UCL

– Ratha Perumal Senior Lecturer in Education, University of East London

– David Clinch, Retired Schoolteacher NEU (NUT Section)

– Dr Ronit Lentin, Trinity College Dublin

– Ben Morris, National Education Union rep

– Mark Krantz, WEA tutor

– Harriet Evans, Professor Emerita Chinese Studies University of Westminster

– Sophie Martin, UCL

– Jillen Fatania, Institute of education

– Professor Emerita, Harriet Evans University of Westminster

– James McAsh, National Education Union

– Carly Wilson, Deputy Headteacher

– Akeel Ahmed, Havering College

– Emma Minns, Teacher

– Mohammed Mumit, BCU UCU member

– Colin Crane, Retired teacher

– Hanna Retallack, UCL Institute of Education

– Daryan Omer SOAS, University of London

– Isabelle Fox, Teacher

– Tay-yibah Mohamed, UCL

– Gerald Clark, Camden National Education Union

– Abdul Hannan Khan, Federation of Student Islamic Societies, South region Chair

– Patricia B, UCL IOE

– Dr Alissa Clarke, De Montfort University

– Simon Murch Sheffield NEU (NUT Section)

– Daniel Kebede National Education Union

– Dr Jo Pearce, UCL Institute of Education

– Ian Sweet, Wanstead High School

– Tom Unterrainer , Teacher

– Louise Regan, National Education Union (President NUT section)

– Angie Mindel, Retired PRU Head Teacher

– Rosemary Burke, St Bernadette’s Catholic Primary

– Jane Eades, Retired NEU (NUT) Member

– Dr. Shenila Khoja-Moolji, University of Pennsylvania

– S Coe, National Education Union

– Shabana Khan, Teacher

– Dr Sarah O’Flynn, University of Roehampton

– Sanam Mirza, Teacher

– Lorraine Hunte, National Education Union

– Dr Kay Fuller, Associate Professor of Educational Leadership, University of Nottingham

– Farhana Mulla, Teacher

– Sumayra Bibi, Teacher

-Zarah Sultana, Muslim Engagement & Development

– Arzu Merali, Islamic Human Rights Commission

-Gully Ditta, Teacher

-N Mohammed, Teacher

– Karen Howell, Retired Headteacher

– Dr Nigel Fancourt, Department of Education, University of Oxford

– Uzeyr Mulla, Teacher of Computer Science

– Pádraig de Cléir, Islington Teachers Association President

– Dr Alison Wilde, Leeds Beckett University

– Dr John Martins, Teacher

– Mikail Shaikh, Bridgewater High School

– Rabail Zakir, Teacher

– Minoushe Grant, Secondary Maths consultancy

– Martin Francis, School Governor

– Dr Terry Wrigley, Northumbria University

– Cllr Jess Barnard County Councillor for Nelson, Norwich

– Sajid Gulzar CEO, Prince Albert Community Trust

– Mary Thewlis, St. Columba’s URC, Oxford

– Houda Medjdoub, Chilwell School

– Dr Tamara Bibby, Independent researcher

– Peter Hick, Manchester Metropolitan University

– Stuart Goodman, Norwich Liberal Jewish Community

– Ian Mckendrick, Oxon UNISON Health communications officer

– Tom Wengraf, ex Middlesex University

– Professor Merryn Hutchings, London Metropolitan University

– Susan Ram, Writer and former teacher

– Professor Heather Savigny, De Montfort University

– Professor Helga Druxes, Williams College

– Imam Joynal Ahmed, Epsom & Ewell Islamic Society

– Humera Khan, An-Nisa Society Supplementary Muslim School
– Professor Richard Hatcher, Birmingham City University

– Khaleda Khatun, Teacher

– Matthew Thomas, Teacher

– Mark Northcott , Supply Teaching

– Sian Woodling, Retired Primary Teacher

– S Manit, Teacher

– Andy Summers, NUT/National Education Union

– Jen Illingworth, Notts NUT

– Felicity Dowling, NEU/NUT Cheshire West

– Sybil Cock, Retired teacher

– Jacqui Freeman, National Education Union member

– Barnaby Raine, Columbia University

– Arry Nessa, Apna Rossendale

– Nahid Huda, Teacher

– David Hillman, Maths teacher

– Dr John Yandell, Institute of Education, UCL

– Caroline Raine, Trade union organiser

– Dr Sara Camacho Felix, London School of Economics

– Dr Andrew Thompson, Unite the Union

– Sikander Khan, University Finance

– Dr Sara Bragg, University of Brighton

– Jane Bassett, Hackney NEU

– Dr Nilufar Ahmed, Senior Lecturer, Swansea University

– Dr Yasmin Farooq, University of Sheffield

– Hannah Tracey, Dyslexia specialist & tutor Northwood Academy

– Rebecca Elliott, Ex-headteacher

– Philippe Harari, Cambridgeshire NEU

– Dr Hanneke Jones, Newcastle University

– Rachel Barker, London School of Journalism

– Mustafa Chaudhary, Reading Muslim Council

– James Baxter, The Redhill Academy

– Sinead Vaughan, UCL Institute of Education

– Nabila Qureshi, Nottingham University

– Dr Mahfoud Amara, Ex. Loughborough University

– Dr Sheila McGregor, Tower Hamlets Stand up to Racism

– Marie Tuley PhD Candidate, University of Sussex

– Sam Khaliq, Teacher

– Reverend Prebendary Alan Green, Chair, Tower Hamlets Inter Faith Forum

– Patricia Bedford, Retired member NUT

– Hanna Stepanik, University of Sussex

– Ann Seuret, Imberhorne School

– Andrew Stone, Joint Branch Secretary, Wandsworth NEU (NUT section)

– Sam Strudwick, Unison NHS

– Nahid Asghar, Teacher

-Dr Anna Livingstone, General Practitioner Tower Hamlets NHS

– Lydia Davies-Bright, Nottingham Law School

– Tamsin Higgs, Stand Up To Racism North Devon

– Dr Aziz Choudry, Integrated Studies in Education, McGill University

– Andrew Bradbury, Birmingham City University

– Vikki Hill, Project Associate, University of the Arts London (UAL)

– Ambrose Hogan OP Institute of Education (UCL)

– Paul Power, Haringey NEU

– Chris Dommett, Further Education

– Sophia MacGibbon, Retired teacher

– Matthew Thorne, St Ivo School

– Alison Sly, Teacher

– Peter Wareham Lecturer at NCC London – Tower Hamlets

– Paul Topley, Harlow and Epping NEU

– Amanda Toro, Wilfrid Laurier University

– Assistant professor Baljit Nagra, University of Ottawa

– Dr Amanda Owen, School Governor

– Professor Emeritus Ken Jones, Goldsmiths, University of London

– Farrah Sheikh SOAS, University of London

– Sophie Mitchell, Teacher

– Humarrah Sheikh, Royal Holloway, university of London

– Dr Christopher Scanlon, Independent Researcher

– Muminur Rahman, UEL

– Dugald Ferguson, Retired teacher

– Garth Stahl, University of South Australia

– Aina Khan, Freelance Journalist

– Robert Vinten, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

– Sahver Goria, WLU

– Margaret Wood, Retired Teacher

– Professor Carol Dezateux, Queen Mary University London

– Hazel Danson, Kirklees National Education Union (NUT Section)

– Monica Brady, Retired teacher

– Ruth Powell, Head of English

– Ellen Graubart, The People’s Assembly

– Elaine Parkin, Interim School Management Specialist

– Nicholas Davies, University of Exeter

– Dr Pete Wright, UCL Institute of Education (London)

– Anna Lilley, IT Projects Manager

– Karen Parkin Teacher, National Education Union

– Veronica Kaneti, ATL

– Cllr Rokhsana Fiaz, London Borough of Newham

– John Purser Retired teacher

– Dr. Patricia Molloy, Wilfrid Laurier University

– Maryam Asaria, Teacher

– Aidan Pettitt Co Chair: Brighton & Hove SEA (pc)

– Gill Frigerio, University of Warwick

– Miriam Battle, East London NHS Foundation Trust

– Lisa Tilley, Queen Mary University of London

– Martin Lynch Dudley NEU (NUT)

– Nadia Edmond, University of Brighton

– Ursula Walker, Walsall NEU (NUT)

– Noeleen Ryan-Smith, St Peter’s Academy

– Naveed Syed University of Birmingham

– Megan Bettinson Liverpool John Moores University

– Farrah Mehmood Manchester university

– Jennifer Kitchen University of Warwick

– Umm Kasim Aston university

– Imam Abu bakar Bagas, Teacher

– Jon Woods, Portsmouth City UNISON

– Chris Kelly, Lambeth NEU (NUT section) Executive Committee

– Harun Khan Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust

– Waheed Raja, Councilor

– Saeed Mohammed Israac Community

– Kate Mayer Learning Mentor, Leeds

– Rumena Begum, NHS

– Derek Sayer University of Alberta

– Asma Khan, Teacher

– Robert Behan, Teacher Newham NEU member

– Laila Shariff, ACL Teacher Trainer

– Zahra Bei UCL/Institute of Education

– Gill Goodswen NEU (NUT section)

– Steph Andrews NEU

– Shubnam Suleman Assistant Headteacher

-Betty Joseph-McIntosh, NUT/NEU Southwark

– Nourine Ahmad, Windsor Forest Colleges Group

– Sharmin Chowdhury, City, University of London

– Sarah Ali, The University of Reading

– Saima Asghar, Wilfrid Laurier University

– Nusheen Awan, Teacher

– Shahzad Hussain, Iqra Centre/ The Lingfield Centre, Leeds

– Dave Goodfield, High School Support Worker, Leeds

– Nigel Gann, Education consultant and school governor

– Carole Buxton, Hackney National Education Union

– Damien Jordan, Headteacher Fairlight Primary and Nursery School and Lead for Brighton and Hove EMAS

– Lizzie Mullarky, Brackenbury Primary School

– Maureen Cronin, Teacher in a London Comprehensive Secondary School

– Nizhat Naheed, Teacher

– Catherine Gough, Teacher

– Sadaf Butt, Uxbridge college

– Julia Bard, Journalist

– Orson Nava, PhD student University of East London

– Dr Jackie Applebee, Tower Hamlets, East London

– Dr Christina Welch, University of Winchester, Religious Studies

– Julia Leewood, Retired educational advisor

– Nooreen Monaf, Teacher

– Anita Conradi, Teacher

– Isabel Craig, NEU

– Jessica Christie, Teacher

– Aneek Ali, Student, Theology, Religion and Ethics, University of Winchester

– Patricia Stoat, Secretary, National Board of Catholic Women

– Geoff Taylor, St Clare’s, Oxford

– Margaret Bulaitis, Ipswich Secretary NEU NUT section

– Fozia Bora, University of Leeds

– Collette Allen, NHS

– Professor Stephen Frosh, Birkbeck

– Dr Lynn Thomas, Roehampton University

– Syma Azhar, Nottingham Muslim Voice Group

– Caroline Kerr, Founder Bras Not Bombs

– Dr Jane Coles, UCL Institute of Education

– Mirjam Twigt, University of Leicester

– Rebecca Rawesh, NHS Tower Hamlets

– Eleanor O’Dwyer, NEU-NUT section

– Helen Baxter, NHS

– Zainab Alshahib, UCL

– Rabyah Khan, The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities

– Dr Melanie Selfe, University of Suffolk – retired Senior Lecturer

-Amin Ahmad, Teacher

– Anna Colgan, Abingdon and Witney College

– Gill McCall, Retired NHS professional

– Akram Khan-Cheema OBE, IBERR

– Andy Richbell, Headteacher St Nicolas Primary

– Karimot Quadri, Primary school

– Kate Baker, Primary Teacher

– Farah Kayani, Teacher

– Dr Naomi Thompson, Goldsmiths, University of London

– Paul Atkin, Islington NEU

– Amir Tafseer, Lecturer Institute of Applied Technology, Abu Dhabi, UAE

– Dr Marika Rose, University of Winchester

– Debra Smith, Teacher

– Warren Chambers , Bromstone Primary School

-Paul McGarr, NEU rep Tower Hamlets

-Sanaz Raji, Unis Resist Border Controls

-Bill Walton, UNISON

-Khadija Badshah, School

– Shah Muhmud, Goldsmith’s University

-Farah Elahi, Researcher

-Basma Elshayyal, Chair, Brent SACRE

-Emeritus Jean Monnet Professor of Citizenship Education, Alistair Ross, London Metropolitan University

-Mariyah Bibi, Sheffield Hallam University

-Sarah Cox, Retired early years teacher

-Dr Coral Jones, Hackney GP

-Sarah Cundy, Student

-Paddy McDaid, Phd candidate, Birkbeck College

-Cliff Jones, Honorary Senior Fellow University of Liverpool

-Dr Salman Uddin, General Practitioner – Tower Hamlets

-Funmi Abari, Medical student

-Sally Kincaid, Wakefield NEU

-Professor David Leat, Newcastle University

-Dr Matthew Johnson, Fitzrovia Medical Centre

-Steve Gresty, Supply teacher

-Professor Amin Al-Habaibeh Nottingham Trent University

-Zara Rahman Headteacher

-Allana Gay BAMEed & DHT

-Carol Ackroyd, Unite

-Michaela Collord, University of Oxford

-Dr Clare Kelly, Goldsmiths, University of London

-Yasmin Dad, Law lecturer

-Professor Viv Ellis, KCL

-Fouzia Azzouz, PhD Candidate University of Bristol

-Dr Saeeda Shah, University of Leicester

-Sobhia Mahmood, Teacher in Derbyshire

-Hannah Wilson, Headteacher Aureus School

-Ibrahim Hewitt, Al-Aqsa Schools Trust

-Henry Emoni Cornelius Vermuyden School

-Christine Dickinson, NEU/NUT Kent

-Jane Reed, Executive Principal (Catch22)

-Sarah Lamble, Birkbeck, University of London

-S Arshad, Assistant Headteacher

-Iftikhar Ahmad, London School of Islamics Trust

-Professor Iftikhar Malik, Bath Spa University
-Dr Naveed Syed, University of Birmingham, UK

-Dr. Chet Singh, Centennial College

-Harris Anwar, Masjid Ibraheem & Education Centre

-Professor Emeritus of Childhood and Youth, Nigel Thomas, University of Central Lancashire

-Mohammed Goga Teacher

-Imam/Chaplain Mohammed Sirajul Islam Portsmouth Central Mosque/SGH

-Zoe Waters, Foundation Trust, Newcastle University

-Syed Ahmed, Assistant Headteacher

-Shamima Begum, Chair of Governors/Primary Education Practitioner

-Yusuf Ali, Sheffield Hallam University

-Mohamed Abdillahi, Featherstone high school

-Caroline Hamilton, Head of Food Technology, St Bedes Chambers School, UK

-Professor Norman Ginsburg, London Metropolitan University

-Kenny Frederick, Education Consultant Ltd/PhD candidate Brunel University

-Dr Patrick Claffey, Trinity College Dublin

-Dr Mansur Ali, Cardiff University

-Hassan Ahmed Ali, Imam/Chaplain of G4S Gatwick IRC

-Sohra Ahmed, Teacher

-Dr Adi Kuntsman, Manchester Metropolitan University

-Emma Holt, University of York

-Dr. Kayhan Özaykal, Istanbul University

-Anish Chhibber, Birkbeck College, University of London

-Graeme Routledge, Teacher/SENCO

-Lovisa Bergdahl Södertörn, University Stockholm

-Steve Miller, Faith Based Regeneration Network

-Richard Gutteridge, MSc. Reader Church of England

-Mohammad Anwar Hossain, Al Ashraf Secondary School

-Canon Peter Adams, St Marys Centre for Peace and Reconciliation.

-Dr Tanya Serisier, Birkbeck College

-Mandy Carr, Freelance teacher and dramatherapist

-Mustak Ahmed, Little Ilford School

-Humaira Ishaq, Wanstead high school

-Dr Kambiz Boomla, Queen Mary University of London

-Ilyaas Aden, Haringey sixth form

-Dr Claire Crawford, University of Birmingham

-Christine Lacki, Westminster Teacher

-Bashir Omar, Mashruu

-Kiri Tunks, Vice-President, National Education Union

-Mohsin Abbas, School Teacher, Solihull

-Ahmed Saif, Teacher

-Khayrul Islam, Fisher Day Solicitors

-Adnan Saif, Sherborne School Qatar

-Sarah Wynn Teacher

-Dave Brinson, Secretary, East Sussex NEU (NUT Section) pc

-Kirsty Herbertson, LCC

-Clare Harding, Headteacher

-Hafsah Golamaully, Secondary school in london

-Nuzhat Ali, Muslim women of Merton

-Gemma Davies, Cabot Primary School

-Team MCH, Muslim Community Helpline

-Dr Simon Newitt CEO, Off the Record (Bristol)

-Dr Abdur Rahim, Tower Hamlets CCG

-Wendy Dobbs, Retired secondary school teacher

-Sahra Mire, Ashaadibi Education & Cultural Centre

-Mary Kerr Kent NEU (NUT) Equalities Officer

-Yusuf Aden City, University of London

-Sam Ud-din Lancashire NEU NUT Section

-Bill Bolloten, Education Not Surveillance

-Keziah Featherstone #WomenEd #HTRT

-Donna Farrant, Teacher

-Tanya Quddus, GCSE English Examiner

-Alex Bellars, MFL teacher

-Yonis Aden New City College

-Seb Franklin, King’s College London

-Parmjeet Plummer, Teacher

-Christalla Jamil, Headteacher of Eastfield Primary School

-Thilal Halimah, University of Cambridge

-Carol Cody, UCU Women’s Equality Officer NW

-Rae Snape The Spinney Primary School

-Andrea Lyons-Lewis, Nottingham Trent University

-Samera Dhansey, H Academy

-Fozia Ghafoor, Chair of governors

-Itrath Syed PhD Candidate, Simon Fraser University, Canada

-Lara Flint, Primary school Assistant Headteacher

-Javeria Rehman, Secondary teacher

-Dr Alison Iredale, Leeds Beckett University

-Dr Sarra Tlili, University of Florida

-Emeritus Professor of Education Vivienne Griffiths, Canterbury Christ Church University

-Jenny Thornley, Lee Oasis

-Lesley Koranteng, President, Croydon (NEU/NUT) Teacher’s Association, Black Teacher’s National Organising Forum Rep (London Region), International Solidarity Officer.

-Fatema Sunderji, School Data Manager

-Geraldine Devine, Teacher

-Professor David Miller University of Bath

-Faiza Chowdhary Primary Teacher

-Hamida Iqbal University of Manchester

-Matt Teager, Curriculum Leader for Performing and Visual Arts, Addey and Stanhope School, London

-Aleksandra Andrejevic-Bullock, University of Gloucestershire

-David Muritu, UCU

-Robin White, SOAS

-Dr. Kirsten Forkert, Birmingham City University

-Balkees Jones, Teacher

-Daphne Babouris, NEU

-Sabine Sharp, The University of Manchester

-Adam Casey, University of Sheffield

-Debbie Stott, Teacher , Redbridge

-Monique Geijsbeek, Birmingham City University – Research Ethics Officer

-Rania Hafez, Programme Leader MA Education, Greenwich University

-Dr Les Levidow, Open University

-Heather Munn, University of Greenwich

-Beatrix Groves-McDaniel, Tutor Voices: National Network for Further, Adult, Community and Skills Educators

-Melody Grace, Abbey College, Ramsey

-Julia Telfer, University of Greenwich

-Emeritus Professor Kay Stables, Goldsmiths, UoL

-Dr Fiona McEwen, Queen Mary University of London

-Lisa Kalayji, University of Edinburgh

-Aileen Morrison, St Matthias Academy – Head Teacher

-Anjum Anwar, Woman’s Voice

-Sarah Berliner, Ethnic Minority Achievement Service Brighton and Hove

-Dr Cathy Hampton, University of Warwick

-Naomi Fearon, NEU /Socialist Educational Association

-Dr. John Beresford, Retired academic

– Deborah Syme, Skinners Academy

– Jenny Kassman, Retired teacher

– Dr Nandita Dowson, CADFA (Camden Abu Dis Friendship Association)

– Nabil Shah, Trainee teacher

– Karla Wheeler, Teacher/ NEU Bristol

– Maire Daley Liverpool Community College (retired)

– Irfan Adam, University of Westminster

– Lulah Strathearn Brady, University of Sussex Students Union

– Elizabeth Dudley, HoC

– Khadija Harsolia, UC Riverside

– Syca Ashraf, Wyke College

– Professor Leon Tikly, University of Bristol

– Huda Ghaibeh, University of Colorado Denver

– Pran Patel, Assistant Principal Mark Hall Academy

– Vanessa Pupavac, University of Nottingham

– Dr Sam Sellar, Manchester Metropolitan University

– Professor Marie Breen-Smyth, University of Surrey

– Dr Jon Berry, University of Hertfordshire

– Amy Johnson, National Education Union

– Charlotte Haines Lyon, York St John University

– Aoileann Ní Mhurchú, The University of Manchester

– Kym Atkinson, PhD student, Liverpool John Moores University

– John Wadsworth, Goldsmiths

– Angela McConnell, Open University

– Blaise Nkwenti-Azeh, The University of Manchester

– John Tymon, Football Against Apartheid

Jemima Short, PhD Student and Postgraduate Teacher, Newcastle University

– Majida Khatun, Bow School, London

– Professor Jitesh Gajjar, University of Manchester

– Riana Goldman, University of Manchester

– Tony Buttifint, Islington District National Education Union (NUT Section)

– Catherine Croucher, Bow School

– Dr Hamied Haroon, The University of Manchester

– Amina Akhtar, Bow School

– Jaleel Miyan, The University of Manchester

– Eishita Kamali, Bow School

– Dr Jasmine Rhamie, University of Roehampton

– Dr Olga Cara, UCL Institute of Education

– Dr Helen Li, The University of Manchester

– Claire Nicholls, Teacher

– Dr Karamat Iqbal, Forward Partnership Education & Diversity Consultancy

– Dr Linda Hammersley-Fletcher, Manchester Metropolitan University

– Asim Qureshi, CAGE

– Dr Esther McIntosh York St John University

– Dr Liz Such, University of Sheffield

– Matt Kelly, Teacher NEU member Cambridge

– Dilowar Khan, East London Mosque Trust

– Professor Erica Burman, Manchester Institute of Education, University of Manchester

– Kaukab Shah, University of Manchester

– Dr Jairo Lugo-Ocando, University of Leeds, UK

– Dr Yvette Russell, University of Bristol

– Professor Bob Brecher, University of Brighton

– Henrique Carvalho, Birkbeck Law School, University of London

– Professor Pippa Dell, Retired, previously UEL

– Alex Bell, Camden School for Girls

– Roqeyah Rahman, The Camden School for Girls

– Fiona Gollan, Camden School for Girls

– Sonia El-Enany, Secondary School Teacher

– Una Doyle, Camden School for Girls

– Ibrahim Mogra, Imam & Chaplain

– Charlotte Junker, The UCL Academy

– Katie Brown Teacher

– Robina Begum, University of Manchester students union/TACE

– Dr Kirsty Lohman, University of Surrey

– Simon Howard, Camden School for Girls

– Matthew Abraham, Cardiff University

– Reha Akhtar, University of Huddersfield

– Ikram Khan, Huddersfield university

– Amina Khatun, Huddersfield University

– Dr Suki Ali, LSE

– Aklima Akther, University of Leeds

– Hafsa Garcia, University College London

– Peter Jones, Lecturer, Author, Poet

– Dr Gwyneth Lonergan, University of Sheffield

– Pamela Stevens, Wales Left Unity

– Professor Michael Fielding, UCL Institute of Education

– Estella Schmid, CAMPACC

– Professor Ali Murat Yel, Marmara University, Istanbul

– Race Equality Matters

– Najiyah Sultana, Parrs Wood High School

– Dr Bill Gent, Trustee, Compassion in Education Foundation & independent researcher

– Maurice Irfan Coles, Chief Executive Officer, The CoED Foundation

– Dr Eyal Clyne, Unaffiliated

– Azir Ahmed, Manchester Metropolitan University

– Helen Flynn, St Matthew’s Primary School

– Rehana Begum, Hyde Community Action

– Dr Joanne Sayner, Newcastle University

– Dr Yasmine Nahlawi Rethink Rebuild Society

– Simon Mutalib, Equal Source

– Ellora Khan, UCL Institute of Education

– Professor Pamela Qualter, University of Manchester

– Jakir Ashraf University of Birmingham

– Pura Ariza, Manchester Metropolitan University

– Professor Rebecca Gould, Islamic World and Comparative Literatures, University of Birmingham

– Ruliya Khan Class Teacher – London Borough of Redbridge

– Dr Aggie Hirst, King’s College London

– Dr. Isra Yazicioglu, St. Joseph’s University

– Mamun Hussain, WBBS

– Bernice Faly Retired Lecturer FE

– Paul Knox, UCU

– Rhiannon Blake, City of Liverpool College

– Dr Tom Houseman Senior lecturer, politics and international relations, Leeds Beckett University

– Ruweyda Ali, Learning Mentor at Newman University

– Kitty O’Kane, Former teacher, Mental Health Advocate, Northern Ireland

– Deka Ali, UCB

– Jashmin Patel, Imkaan

– Polly Barr, University of Manchester Student Union

– Dr Heather Smith, Newcastle University

– Sabiha Bibi Teacher of Philosophy, Ethics and Religion

– Humaira Hamid, Al-Hijrah School

– J Middleton D.C.C Teacher

– Rabbi Paul Glantz, Camden School for Girls

– Dr Laura Routley, Lecturer, Newcastle University

– Carmel Gibbons, Student teacher

– Katy Staples, Adviser to Bristol and Swindon SACREs

– Dr Anne Gray, Campaign against Criminalising Communities

– Dr Samer El-Daher, University of Greenwich

– Zahida Hussain, Manchester Metropolitan University

– Dr Geoff Teece, University of Exeter

– Martin Lynch Dudley National Education Union (NUT)

– Sumayya Pervaiz, Primary school teacher

– Professor Pippa Dell, Retired, previously UEL

– Dr Sofa Gradin, King’s College London

– Dr Carol Azunah Dennis, The Open University

– Clive Searle, Turton School

– Mina Cullimore, Head of RS and PSHEE

– Balqis Jamil, Retired teacher

– Paul Grist, NEU

– Taaha Rehman, University of Birmingham School

– Colette Wymer, Stand Up To Racism

– Isobella DeMartino, Leeds Coalition Against the War

– Belal Ruhel, Teacher

– Hanadi Khodr, Teacher

– Kerry Connor, RS teacher Ursuline High School

– Christine Smith, Hull University

– Jaymie Pauvaday, UCL MA candidate

– Nazish Ali, Queen Mary University of London

– Heather Wright, Teacher of RS

– Clemency Woolner, Head of Religious Studies, NHEHS (GDST)

– Dr Maria Fannin, University of Bristol

– Anne Summers, Birkbeck, University of London

– Catherine Laws, University of York

– Dr Alana Lentin, Western Sydney University

– Dr Carlo Bonura, SOAS, University of London

– Dr Hannah Marije Altorf, St. Mary’s University

– Dr Lee Gregory, University of Birmingham

-John Viner, Turner Schools

– Flame Goldsworthy, Camden School for Girls

– Humaira Chaudri, Teacher of RE

-Nashir Uddin, TUI

– Dr Tom Saunders, The Open University

– Dr Stephen Pigney, Freelance editor and independent scholar

– Dr Adil Munir, University of Birmingham

– Dr Azhar Shaida, University College Hospital

– Maria Bowler, University of Bristol

– Khalil Rehman, Humanitarian

-Nasreen Qamar, Teacher of English

– David Room, Birmingham NUT-NEU

– Imam Mohammed Amejee, Doctoral student, University of Manchester

-Majid Khan, Leyland St Mary’s

– Seán Doyle, UCL Institute of Education

– Heena Khaled, Independent activist

-Suriyah Bi, University College London

– Zaheer Aslam, University of Edinburgh

-Leah Davenport, The Grange School

– Jen Wilkinson, Dukes Aldridge Academy

– Omar Shahzad, Rotherham United Mosque Council

-Ralph Braunholtz, Retired Lecturer in Education

-Neelam Yousaf, Teacher

– Matthew Callow, UNITE the Union Oxford Health Branch

-Lila Sersoub, MFL teacher

-Jan Higman, Teacher of RS

-Sarah Chadwick, Religious Studies teacher (secondary)

– Dr Fella Lahmar, Markfield Institute of Higher Education

-Yolanda Elliott-James, Teacher of RS/Philosophy (high school)

– Zahra Alijah, University of Manchester

– Sarah Neville, Primary School

– Dr Mohammad Alsaghir, Durham University

– Mike Moore, Head of RS

-Nicola King, Teacher

– Assistant Secretary Doug Morgan, NUT Section, Birmingham National Education Union

– Jane Lane, advocate worker for race equality in early years

-Muhammad Imran Khan, PhD Candidate in the Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge

– Khaalid Bashir, West Drayton Academy

– Chloe Stinchcombe, West Drayton Academy

– Fatima Shaikh, Uplands Junior school

-Aimee Challenor, Green Party of England and Wales

-Yesim Deveci, Senior Lecturer, University of East London

– Dr Asim Yusuf, Nur al-Habib Foundation

– Suma Din, Writer

– Saleh Patel, Primary School Teacher

– Emir Camdzic, Markfield Institute of Higher Education

– William Taylor, Retired Lecturer

– Marlies Kustatscher, University of Edinburgh, Moray House School of Education

– Scott Cooke NEU

– Peninah Wangari-Jones, West Yorkshire Racial Justice Network

– Imam Sulaiman Gani, Purley Islamic and Community Centre

– Mariam Kauser, Doctoral Researcher at University of West London

– Rachael Shillitoe, University of Kent

– Dr Nariman Massoumi, University of Bristol

– Rosy Mack, UT Austin

– Sabina Hamid Nursery Manager, Manchester

-Roziena Hamid, Teacher

-Saarah Hamid, Salford university

-Andrew Baile, UCL Academy

– Mollie Wintle, UCL Academy

– Ashraf Patel, Tayyibah Girls School

– Dr Salma Patel, The Open University

– Mark Sage, Portsmouth City Unison Branch International Officer

– Nayyab Yasin, Wanstead High School, Redbridge

-Iman Ibn Tahaikt, Cambridgeshire Race Equality & Diversity Service

– Dr Gareth Dale, Brunel University

– Dr Yasmin Alam-Faruque, Abu Bakr Islamic School, Cambridge

-Khalida Mohamed, Private Tutor

-Latif Rajput, Abu Bakr Islamic School

– Ursula Walker, NEU (NUT) Walsall treasurer

– A. Shakur Chilwan, University of Cambridge

– Alan Burgess, Stand up to Racism

-Philip Simmonds, Anatolia College Thessaloniki Greece

– David Taylor, Retired Head Teacher

– Hafsah Ahmed, Secondary School Middle Leader

– Sureha Begum, Walsall Adult community College

-Joel Petrie, BERA Post Compulsory Special Interest Group

– Dr Mariam Attia, University of Sussex

– Rob Peutrell, Nottingham College UCU

– Professor Janet Boddy, University of Sussex

– Professor Mairead Dunne, Centre for International Education, University of Sussex

– Meryl Rowlinson, Retired teacher, Bradford

-Dr Anneke Newman, University of Sussex

– Meryl Rowlinson, Retired teacher, Bradford

– Liss Mahoney Pearce, NEU

– Frank Copland-Kill, Leeds Coalition against War

– Eddie Hyndes, Leeds Coalition Against the War

– Gemma Campbell, University of Sussex

– Ali Hadawi CBE, Central Bedfordshire College
-Alison Hales, University of Greenwich

– Ms Bethan Rees, Cambridgeshire Race Equality & Diversity Service

– Professor Jennifer Rusted, Sussex University

– Professor Alison Pike, University of Sussex

– Mirfat Sulaiman, Unison member – Birmingham

– Alison Longden, Northern College

– Dr Ada Mau, UCL Institute of Education

– Dr Jim Crawley, Bath Spa University

– Professor of Childhood & Youth Studies, Rachel Thomson, University of Sussex

– Meg Maguire, King’s College London

– Thaminah Aziz, Teacher

– Dr Louise Nelstrop, University of York St John

– Dr Vivian Vignoles, University of Sussex

– Malika Fachrou, Goldsmiths University of London

– Dr Jenny Paterson, University of Sussex

– Lisa Tunnell NEU – NUT section Chesterfield and East Derbyshire

– Dr Richard de Visser, University of Sussex

– Nasrat Nisa, Primary school teacher

– Maxine Bowler Adult and community learning sheffield

– Christine Atherton, N.E.U.

– Ibrahim Amin, Darul Uloom Birmingham

– Professor Joya Chatterjee, University of Cambridge

-Pauline Faux, Retired teacher

– Zahra Abdulla, Kings College London

-Ali Kassem, University of Sussex (PhD candidate)

– Julia Winstone Solicitor (non-practising), Associate Tutor & Doctoral Researcher
School of Law, Politics & Sociology, University of Sussex

-Ana Porroche-Escudero, Lancaster University

-Dr Simon James Thompson, Head of Education, University of Sussex

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