All about the bank ban in France

The bank ban, a situation that a non-negligible number of French people are facing nowadays, turns out to be worrying and leads to reflections to which we will bring approaches of ideas and also and especially clarifications.

The status of bank ban, can it allow to benefit from a loan or a credit ?

This is a question that worries many people. Then it is to clarify that when you are registered in the FCC, you will not be able to carry out banking transactions or even issue checks for the next five years. But the reality is that even if you are banned, you can still apply for a loan or credit from your bank or another bank that you are not a user or customer of. What happens is that when you apply for a credit, the bank simply checks to see if you have paid your credits or not.
If you are in an irregular situation, the bank will base itself on the criteria which found your irregularity because of your delay perhaps to discharge you towards your creditors or perhaps your overindebtedness. All these factors combined, your application will be rejected on the grounds listed above. Nevertheless, you will be able to benefit from social aid or a microcredit with the guarantee that you will pay your debts.

How to get out of this banking ban

Many people wonder if they can get out of this banking ban before the five years provided by law. To this major question, it is indeed possible to get out of this ban if everyone manages to already fund their account and pay off their debts before the five year deadline. Once you are no longer in an irregular situation, inform the bank of your approach and it will instruct the French bank that has the authority to remove you from the central check file. From that moment on, the privilege of issuing checks and carrying out transactions without any constraint will be possible, and the ban will be lifted.