Dragon Ball: An animated series for all generations

First published in 1984, Dragon Ball is a long-running anime series that has been an invaluable success. However, it continues to attract the attention of the new generation. Sequenced with bloody battles, adventures and laughs, Dragon Ball remains arguably one of the best that showcases Japanese culture.

Dragon Ball and the various martial arts sequences

The main character of the anime is called Son Goku. He is represented by a child ( monkey) who loves to engage in martial arts exercises. During one of his many adventures, he discovers that he has a supernatural power. Missing dragon ball would be a real shame. Dragon Ball has passed through several generations and is still loved by audiences today. Goku and his friends have battled many monsters and alien creatures. These are usually terrifying and genetically modified creatures. We can mention Saiyans, Cell, Freezer etc. The confrontations are interesting and bloody. Krilin, an old bald man is always at a disadvantage during the fights. Dragon Ball Z manga have been sold in millions of copies worldwide.

Dragon Ball Z crosses generations

In the real world, it only takes one person to change a light bulb. But in Dragon Ball Z, it took more than eighteen episodes to do it and the best friend of the hero krilin, died at the end. If this sounds stupid and strange to you, it's because you haven't watched one of the most famous anime of the 20th century Japanese culture. Dragon Ball is available in manga in 42 volumes. It was first published on December 3, 1984 and ended in 1995. It has been adapted into three animated series that are Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT. Nearly 300 million copies have been sold worldwide. Even today, Dragon Ball is still a trend among the new generation. Let's face it, this anime series has been a hit on all levels.