How important is the timelapse camera for civil construction?

It is undeniable that timelapse cameras for civil construction have become very important. But, you should know that this camera is a technology that also facilitates the daily routine of the work manager. To learn more about this camera, read this article to the end.

Timelapse cameras for construction and surveillance

With timelapse cameras for civil construction, it is possible to monitor the work in progress. In this way, it is much more convenient and safer to manage all stages of a business. If you want to have more details about this camera, you could look here. When the work is of long duration, this control is even more necessary. Indeed, do not stress enough that timelapse cameras and all equipment are not modern and high quality. In this way, they are able to capture and document photos of a company from start to finish.

Features of the timelapse camera

The cameras are high definition, ranging from 12 to 30 megapixels. Connected via 3/4G, wi-fi or wired internet. They have batteries with autonomy and solar panels. They also have a 24/7 image viewing platform and are installed on a retractable pole. Therefore, there is no need for cables.

In addition to surveillance, timelapse cameras for civil construction are also the ideal solution for the historical documentation of engineering projects and a tool for measuring the activities carried out. The technique can not only be applied to civil construction, but also to marine and industrial construction. They can also be used for publicity purposes, as they give impeccable photographs of excellent quality.

How does timelapse work?

First, a good timelapse requires good quality photographs, a committed team and a camera capable of withstanding adversity. The most modern digital cameras have specific functions for the timelapse effect. Thus, it is possible to program the equipment to take a certain number of shots, the interval between them and even the total working time.