How to plan for Wedding in France ?

Couples are faced with the wait of planning their own wedding, but the catch is that planning can be a stressful experience. It is advisable for this purpose to define stages in order to succeed well if you wish to celebrate it in Paris. This is exactly what this article is about.

Define your budget

Generally speaking, this is the essential point when planning your wedding. You must therefore set your budget after determining the number of guests present at your small (or large) event. There are indeed Elopement in Paris that may interest you.  Indeed, it depends on several criteria namely :

  • Define the number of guests.
  • Find an outfit.
  • Choose the essential providers.
  • Establish a margin for extras or incidental charges.
  • Include the honeymoon.

Choose your provider

Whether it’s the Florist, Party Creator, Filmmaker or DJ, you have to choose them for their work, respectively, and earn their trust early on.  So the first and most important thing is to have a good first contact with them. This way, you can more easily establish a relationship of trust and share your ideas and desires with them more about your marriage.

Take into account your desires

When it comes to the choice of colors, the location of your reception, not to mention the menu or the style of your dress and costume, do not let yourself be forced into something that is not like you. Whether it’s a proposal from your provider, loved ones, and others, consider a wedding that’s convenient for you.

The reception

Like any other milestone, marriage requires a moment of celebration.  However, the reception is the most difficult (expensive) part to manage.  It must be said without a doubt that on average, the catering budget represents 40% of the wedding budget. The rental of the room, the decoration, the entertainment and the drinks are the main elements of this expense item. It is advisable to prepare financially before you start.