Some ideas for choosing an exhibition stand

The exhibition stand is the material representation of the company's vision. It is an important resource for increasing the sales of a company. Exhibition stands exist in different models to enhance the image of your company. Discover the model that suits your company by reading this post.

What is an exhibition stand?

An exhibition stand represents above all the face of your company. That's why you should know how to choose the professionals, like Eurpe Expo, for the design and the realization of your exhibition stands. Indeed, an exhibition stand designates the area dedicated to a company during fairs, POS, exhibitions, fairs, etc.
It is a means to improve the communication of a company, and attract potential customers. Thus, a carefully designed POP display aims to increase the visibility of products and attract the attention of buyers, in order to boost sales. There are several types of event stands.

The different exhibition stands

Among the many models of exhibition stands on the market, there are folding exhibition stands and portable exhibition stands. Portable booths are exhibition structures designed to be dismantled. They are durable, economical and reusable. In the category, we find the umbrella stand, roll-up stands and totems.
These portable stands are mainly adapted for POP or signage, to enhance your messages in store. They are also used for events (press conference, congress). Moreover, associated with other foldable structures, the portable stands contribute to the creation of a personalized space dedicated to your shows and exhibitions.
On the other hand, the modular stand is a fixed exhibition structure. It requires mounting on a metal support (invisible or not). It is a rigid stand background and better for its audience. The modular gives access to a customized exhibition solution, for rent or for purchase.
However, exhibition structures designed to face outdoor conditions are more resistant. Their role is to highlight an attractive visual on your outdoor space.