Tips for changing a sink faucet

Not all plumbing work requires expert intervention. Other activities such as sink tap fitting can be done by yourself. Therefore, it is necessary to comply with some conditions before installation. As a condition, you should choose the faucet according to the brand of your sink, then, first of all, check the number of holes on the sink, a number often between 1 and 4, and finally proceed to a measurement of the center distance.

Precautions to take before installing the tap

After gathering the materials and taking measurements before any installation, you should first check the condition of the piping before replacing the valve. It is essential to focus on the pipes that supply and the connecting pipes by checking the functionality of the sealing washers.
Afterwards, the water supply should be turned off when the condition of the pipework is acceptable. This is done by closing the valve, which is usually located under the sink. It is advisable to turn off the main power supply to the house in case the valve is not under the sink.
Finally, the old tap must be removed, before doing so, the first tap must be opened to drain the existing water into the distribution pipes. For more information, an interesting site. This being the case, you need to use the spanner in order to subtract the fixing system.

Fitting the tap

In order to properly install the new faucet, it is necessary to read and understand the product information. These instructions are specific to the manufacturers and type of product so it is necessary to read and apply it.
It is necessary to check the flexibility of the system. Then use silicone sealant to fix the valve. Place the supply pipes and nuts. To avoid any inconvenience, avoid over-tightening.
After installing the tap, a few final adjustments are necessary, such as connecting the pipes, tightening the nuts and then opening the previously closed water supply. Make sure that the system is working properly after draining the appliance.