What are the tasks of a CPO in a company?

The CPO, also called the product team leader, is a leader who guides a group of people towards a specific goal. To achieve this goal, he has to complete several missions. However, he acts as an intermediary between the consumer and his company, coaching his team and promoting his company's products.

Be a mediator between the consumers and the company

This is the main task of the CPO. He analyses the market, identifies the needs of consumers, develops a strategy to improve product quality; just like Raphael Cohen From Waze, every professional CPO must mandatorily fulfill these roles. Based on the expectations of these users, the CPO gives himself the task of informing his team and together they find an effective solution. For example, if a product of his company has been sold over a period of time, the CPO will seek the opinions and suggestions of the users to take them into consideration for the next implementation.

Coaching his team

Every company needs good coaching of its employees to achieve a satisfactory result. One of the roles of the CPO in the company is to energize the team he coordinates. He has to create a synergy of atmosphere, rigor, harmony and understanding within his team. He distributes tasks to the different clans of his team to order the workflow and save time. He then has a budget calendar that enables him to allocate funds properly to the different business areas to avoid financial bankruptcies. The CPO in his company acts solely for the benefit of the consumer. Thus, he leads his team by demanding quality from them.

Promote his company's products

To make his company more visible in the market, the team leader works with the layout and communication officers to promote the products. He can organize advertising campaigns via social networks or apps with ad strips. For products sold in local markets, the CPO has to organize campaigns in the markets to promote the new product brands and their benefits.