What is the most important thing to know about the tongue drum?

Would you like to have an original, easy to use, addictive or intuitive musical instrument? In fact, the tongue drum would suit you perfectly. Being a percussion instrument, it produces multiple melodies. Its sound is meditative, find out in the article what you need to remember about it.

What the tongue drum actually is

In order to play a tongue drum in finland, it is important that you know in the first place what it actually is. Indeed, this musical equipment belongs to the category of idiophones still called homophones. The tongue drum has various names. It is also called a tank drum or a hank drum. The originality of the sounds of this instrument comes from the materials used in its manufacture. Now that you know what it is, all you have to do to play it is tap it. Do it with a stick, the hand or any other object.

Tongue drum models

Several types of tongue drum are available at the instrument market. Indeed, to each model of this instrument are applied particular specificities. These specificities can be found at various levels. For example, there is the format which differs. On the market you will find tongue drums that are round, rectangular or have high edges. The materials of construction also differ, depending on the model of instrument. There are some made of stainless steel and others made of wood. Its size also differs. Although the size has an impact on its reasoning, we have some of 20 cm and others of 35 cm. Furthermore, its slat is also different with each model. You just need to remember that the slats represent the number of notes it has.

The tongue drum ranges

With this musical equipment, there are several scales that it has, which causes an extraordinary atmosphere. As an illustration, it has a minor scale that has a soft and soothing character ? Its major scale has a deep and intense sound that is suitable for parties. In addition, it has a multi-range. The first two scales are combined in one instrument.