Why is the Quran revealed in a single language, Arabic ?

The peculiarity of all religions today is based on the holy books.  This is all they have in common as they walk according to the precepts of these (holy books).  Some of these books are revealed in several languages, on the other hand for the holy book of Islam which is the Koran, it has only come down in one language, which is Arabic.  A divine phenomenon which does not cease to torment the spirits.  Discover in this article the reasons why the Quran is written only in Arabic


 The Quran written in Arabic to establish justice

 The main motive which precedes the choice of Arabic as the language of the revelation of the Koran is imperatively given by ALLAH, The High Line.  For he says in sura 14 verse 4 ‘’ And We did not send a Messenger except with the tongue of his people, to give them light.  God leads astray whom He wills and guides whom He wills.  And, He is the Almighty, the Wise.  « . You can read on or try this, and you will understand more.  However, the nation on which the message descended was an Arab nation.  And so the great prophet Muhammad uttered his first cry of life there and lived there.  It is therefore normal that the choice of another language would create controversy.

 This is therefore why God gave the name of Al ‘Adl (The Righteous) and sent down the first revelations under the language of the people which is Arabic.  So it is with good reason that ALLAH says in sura 41 to verse 44. « If We had made it into a Koran in a language other than Arabic, they would have said : » Why did not his verses have been clearly exposed ? What ?  A non-Arab [Quran] and an Arab [Messenger] ?  “…” God thus sent down the Koran under the same conditions as the Bible and the Torah.


 The choice of Arabic to make the Koran understandable

 The other reason for choosing Arabic for writing the Quran is that the latter facilitates meditation.  In sura 54 to verse 17 ALLAH said : “Indeed, We have made the Quran easy for meditation…”.  At the same time, He said in sura 26 verses 193,194 and 195 ″ and the faithful Spirit has come down with it on your heart, that you will be among the warners, in a very clear Arabic language. 

 It must all the same recognize that, Arabic is a language which contains only 4 vowels : a, or, i and e.  Since all languages ​​other than Arabic have these vowels, anyone from another nation can easily read or even recite the Quran, even if Arabic is not their native language.  This statement is justified by the fact that 6-year-olds memorize and recite the Koran every day across the world, regardless of their ethnicity.  It can therefore be said that the choice of Arabic as the language of the Holy Quran stems at all levels from Divine Wisdom.